This program is specifically designed for ESL (English as a Second Language) learners interested in pursuing a college degree program in the U.S. One important requirement for international students at most universities is an adequate score on the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). This test assesses whether a student’s English language skills are high enough to function successfully in an advanced academic environment.  The ability to perform at an advanced level in reading, writing, listening and speaking are required to pass the TOEFL and meet the high expectations of an English-speaking university. 

This program has two parts and consists of a total of eight courses with four courses offered each seven weeks (three weeks during the summer II session). Each session provides hands-on practice that focuses on specific aspects of the TOEFL in addition to classes that help improve other skills important for the test and university success.  We highly recommend that students attend sessions for both parts to receive the most benefit from this program.

PART A Session Classes: TOEFL Listening & Speaking, Academic Reading, Academic Writing, 

Advanced Grammar (Optional)

PART B Session Classes: TOEFL Reading & Writing, Academic Speaking, Academic listening & Note-taking, Advanced Grammar (Optional)

Note: Students with F-1 visas must register for all four courses to maintain legal status in the US. Non-visa holders may register for one or more classes.