UNAM – San Antonio is open to all people. The school does not discriminate on any basis prohibited by law. Admission of new students requires an age of 18 or older, the completion of an application and the payment of tuition. For language courses, a required placement test will be given at admission to determine the level placement after the payment has been received. Payment: Credit/Debit card, cash or check. Course payment arrangements are available. Note: The cost of books is non-refundable and is not included in the tuition fee. Expulsion: Students who violate policies regarding the Code of Conduct, Class Etiquette, Student Use of Technology or any other official policy may be subject to expulsion from UNAM – San Antonio, and no refund should be expected. All policies for admission and expulsion are located in the online Student Handbook. Students seeking to enter UNAM-San Antonio with a student visa should see the information in the section entitled: F-1 Student Visa Information.


Students wishing to withdraw must do so through the English, Spanish or GED Departments within three business days after the beginning of a course in order to receive a refund of 75% of the tuition fee. No exceptions will be made. Students who cancel their registration within three business days after the beginning of the course and have a payment plan will be reimbursed 75% of their payment taking into consideration the total price of the course. In the event a class does not meet the minimum number of students established by the school, applicants will be reimbursed 100%. Students wishing to add or change a course must be authorized by the appropriate Academic Department no later than three business days after the beginning of the course. Students who register for a course but cancel the registration before the first day of class will receive a refund of 100% of the payment made. Upon payment, you acknowledge all terms and conditions.

Refund Procedure:

Original receipt is required for the refund to be process.
* Refunds will be made 5 business days after the request.
* Payments made in cash or by check will be reimbursed only in check made out to the student.
* Payments made by credit or debit card will be reimbursed back to the card used at the time of purchase.
* Returned check fee will be $40.00.

Note: 90% attendance is required to be eligible to take the final exam. Classes are subject to change as deemed necessary by UNAM – San Antonio. The school reserves the right to close, cancel, or divide courses.

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