Our History


The National Autonomous University of Mexico was founded on September 21, 1551.  It is the largest and most important university in Mexico and Ibero-America. The National Autonomous University of Mexico has played a leading role in the history and formation of our country. The substantive tasks of this public, autonomous and secular institution are teaching, research and the dissemination of culture.

In academia it is recognized as a university of excellence. UNAM responds to the present and looks to the future as Mexico’s most important cultural project. 

UNAM is a space of freedoms. It practices respect, tolerance and dialogue on a daily basis. The plurality of ideas and thought is appreciated as a sign of its wealth and never as a factor of weakness.

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México campus San Antonio, Texas

In 1944 UNAM extended its presence beyond the national borders to the United States.

Thanks to the continuous support of the community, the Mexican government and the City of San Antonio, UNAM inaugurated in 1986 its new facilities in the Hemisfair Park. UNAM San Antonio started offering Spanish classes and later on, in 1983, it added English courses. To meet the needs of the San Antonio community, the support has been expanded through the years to include special programs such as Citizenship, GED and a Spanish oral proficiency test applied to individuals whose job description demands the skills in this language. As a window to Mexican culture, UNAM in San Antonio has made available the resources of its parent institution in Mexico City. It is a two-way bridge for the flow of ideas and knowledge serving as a link between diverse public and private universities and organizations, and the different schools, institutes and centers of UNAM. In fulfillment of UNAM’s mission, its branch campus in San Antonio focuses on the three main areas: teaching, research and the dissemination of culture.

The objective of UNAM-San Antonio is to provide an environment of equality for all members of the community of the institution. In accordance with federal and state laws, UNAM-San Antonio prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, disability, religion, sex, origin, age, citizenship, genetic information, veteran status, or sexual orientation.