Semester Online Evening Courses

Online Option: As an online student, you’ll have the same quality education experience as our On-Campus students, along with the convenience of connecting from your tablet or computer.


The Spanish Program at UNAM San Antonio offers a learning environment that enables the future Spanish speaker to mesh in a diverse and bilingual community, where 44% of the population speaks Spanish, with confidence.

Each level prepares the student to learn Spanish through the practice of the four basic language skills: oral expression, written expression, reading comprehension and listening comprehension.  Learning new vocabulary and the detailed lessons on grammar solidify our curriculum. 

Our experienced faculty is composed of native Spanish-speaking professors who possess a vast knowledge on teaching the Spanish language by immersion.

Through our Spanish Program our students obtain and further develop the necessary language skills needed to communicate effectively and in everyday scenarios: work, travel, family, etc.


UNAM-SA’s Spanish Program offers semester courses from Level 1 to Level 7.  Each level consists of 75 semester study-hours that reinforce the development of the aforementioned language skills of reading, writing, oral expression and listening comprehension in addition to grammar skills.  Our semester courses emphasize teaching the language by immersion since the very first class. Besides having a Spanish native speaker teacher, the student will have access to a digital bank of additional exercises.  

Any student who satisfactorily completes all seven levels of the Spanish Program with a minimum average of 85% (B) receives a certificate granted by the main UNAM campus located in Mexico City. 

Each semester course is equivalent to 5 semester credit hours. 

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